Pancakes on the Plaza celebrates over 40 years of July 4th tradition. The Santa Fe Rotary Clubs, who now plan and stage the event, grant the majority of proceeds to various children’s programs and charities in Santa Fe. These funds help local nonprofits who serve the youth programs in our community in fulfilling their mission. Last year's proceeds were granted to the organizations listed below. So come on out and help support your friends and neighbors! Buying a ticket to Pancakes on the Plaza buys a lot more than buys the youth of our community opportunity, education, counseling, mentoring and support.






Support outdoor activities for youth with physical and developmental disabilities. Children with disabilities have fewer opportunities to participate in team sports and school programs. They often lack the resources to identify, join or pay for organized recreational activities. As a result, exercise is relegated to physical therapy settings. Inactivity and social isolation can lead to poor physical and mental health. This program allows children the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle through activities such as winter sports, summer water sports, yoga, rock climbing and more.




Children are discharged from the hospital with advanced cancer, brain tumors, and missing limbs. Coming Home Connection is training volunteers to care for children in their homes, which entails training in healthcare as well as psychological, ethical and legal aspects. This is the second year we have funded CHC at this level to develop and train volunteers to care for children with terminal illnesses.




Communities in Schools serves ten Title I public schools by assisting with food, clothing, school supplies, vaccinations, dental clinics and more. They have had an increasing need for shoes that fit the students, including snow boots and athletic shoes. Some students want to play sports, but cannot afford the shoes. Not having shoes that fit can have a huge impact on a student's self-esteem. This money will be used to set up a CIS/Rotary Club Shoe Fund and used for students in pre-K through 12th grade.





Grant will support the Summer Reading Program at all three public libraries, which provides Santa Fe schoolchildren up to age 12 with structured opportunities to read while they are out of school on summer break. The program goal is to ensure that participants maintain and build on reading skills gained during the school year. Children read 36 or more books and participate in reading-related crafts and performances that enhance their experience. Children submit reading logs and receive books to take home.




Funds will support Nuestra Jornada, the organization's largest program. This program was created to meet the specific needs of grieving children and teens whose families have been victims of violence connected to human rights crises in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The program also supports youth grieving separation from family members who are in detention centers or who have been kidnapped by cartels or have disappeared. Students can safely share stories of loss and journeys of grief with peers who have similar stories. This is the second consecutive year that Rotary has funded Gerard's House.




Funding will allow them to expand the number of children receiving tutoring in the public schools during the school day. They conduct a "Reading is Magic" summer program during which 40 low-income students who are 1-2 years behind in reading skills attend a two week day camp. On average, participants experience a full year's growth in reading levels. Our grant will allow them to serve an additional 70 students in their tutoring program.




They have experienced a 43% increase in the number of children between the ages of 3 and 18 in need of forensic interviews. Solace's Sexual Assault Advocacy Services Program has experienced a 49% increase in service provision to the same age group. This grant will supplement existing resources to pay for an advocacy specialist who will speak out on behalf of children and non-offending family members.




Grant will be used to fund expansion of the Verde Food Insecurity Solutions Project to provide culinary arts job training for disconnected youth while providing after school meals. Forty youth will receive project-based learning through hands-on commercial kitchen meal preparation training to develop increased employment opportunities. They will be feeding healthy meals to approximately 1,000 low-income children on a daily basis. The Culinary program continues year-round, and will provide summer meals for low income youth enrolled in summer programs.





Friday July 4th, 2020

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