Pancakes on the Plaza celebrates over 40 years of July 4th tradition. The Santa Fe Rotary Clubs, who now plan and stage the event, grant the majority of proceeds to various children’s programs and charities in Santa Fe. These funds help local nonprofits who serve the youth programs in our community in fulfilling their mission. Last year's proceeds were granted to the organizations listed below. So come on out and help support your friends and neighbors! Buying a ticket to Pancakes on the Plaza buys a lot more than buys the youth of our community opportunity, education, counseling, mentoring and support.




CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), First Judicial District


Resources will be used to support the well-being, functioning and normalcy of foster children aged birth to 18. Subsequent to the physical and sexual abuse, neglect and foster placement they experience, they suffer a multitude of losses including their possessions, connection to family and typical childhood experiences. Our support allows CASA to purchase clothing, books, toys and fund special events such as birthday parties. Last fiscal year, CASA served 173 foster children, advocating through the courts to keep children in a safe environment for a healthier emotional well-being.




Many children are hospitalized with cancer, brain tumors and missing limbs. After discharge they need care that their families cannot provide. In 2018, Coming Home Connection will train & coordinate volunteers to provide home care for children discharged from hospitals. Many children are discharged to homes where in which the family simply cannot provide the care these children need. Fifteen volunteers will be trained in the psychological, ethical and legal aspects of caring for a child, as well as all aspects of bed care, medication and wound dressing.




Funding will meet basic material needs for youth program participants living in poverty, to provide hot meals & snacks and for materials used in activities. All their participating teen parents are living in poverty, many having been disowned by their families. Items such as baby food, diapers, baby clothing and hot meals are provided at weekly meetings.

Nuestra Jornada is a grief program for immigrant youth experiencing death or separation of a parent or loved one.

At Pecos High School, they have had three suicides and two attempted suicides since September 2017. Because of grinding poverty in this district, students are demoralized because families can’t provide basic items such as deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo, combs, feminine hygiene items and more. Gerard’s House is providing toiletry kits for students at Pecos High School and Pecos Middle School, and have started a Guardian’s program, training peers to reach out and identify fellow students experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, dating violence or domestic violence.




The School Outreach Project will provide therapeutic horseback riding lessons at no cost to 32-64 disabled children from Santa Fe area schools. These students may have developmental delay, Traumatic Brain Injury, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Autism, hearing or sight impaired or other special needs. The therapeutic riding program helps each child improve physical, behavioral and emotional health; develop positive connections with horses/peers/adult; experience joy, improve motor skills, core strength, concentration, trust, coordination, focus, self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.




Free counseling targets vulnerable youth with a history of early trauma, family conflict, depression, substance abuse, disruptive mood swings, school problems and other behaviors associated with increased risk of youth suicide. They’re located on the campus of Ortiz Middle School, and offer easily accessible, high quality and no-cost family counseling to over 1,000 youth and family members. Most families face significant barriers to counseling resources.




Caring Kids: Wings and Paws is a series of programs for fourth grade students in Santa Fe that teaches the core principles of EMPATHY, COMPASSION, RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS using students’ natural love of animals. Caring Kids will foster the development of these four principals and reinforce it by connecting them with live animals. Educators from NMWC will partner with Santa Fe Animal Shelter to present the course. Each program will consist of four classroom visits, and will include live animals. Journaling and evaluation of students’ attitudes are integral to the program. All children need to learn about empathy and compassion to become healthy, functioning adults, and this program will help build a better community for us all.




Will pay for royalties, musical accompaniment, costumes, props, sets and technical needs for the spring musical, Weekend at Bernie’s; The Musical. Four to six performances will be scheduled near the end of May, and more than 750 attendees are expected. There will be more than 36 students involved in the production, which fosters passion, teamwork and self-confidence by doing something these students never thought they could do. Promotional materials and programming will feature Rotary’s sponsorship.




Expansion of after school Elementary Strings program in Santa Fe Public Schools. Provides a size-appropriate string instrument and two days of after school group instruction each week for students from 2nd – 4th grades, including some kindergarten and first grade students. Research has proven that learning to play a musical instrument supports youth and family well-being and success in many ways, including increased happiness, reducing stress and depression and enhancing verbal, memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. They plan to expand this program from four to ten schools for 26 weeks, and will serve up to 20 students at each school.




Arts Alive is a free program taught to over 500 students. The Youth Market Artists program is for ages 7 – 17 to preserve and educate the next generation of artists. Art Connections works with youth at the Santa Fe Juvenile Detention Center, Adelante Outreach, Multicultural Fairs and Communities in Schools. These programs give over 1,000 students access to art programs. They support programs teaching Retablos (painting), Straw Applique, Tinwork, Colcha (embroidery) and Weaving. These programs play a critical role in teaching our youth about our history in art and continuing to inspire new artists.




Funds will support the three children’s feeding programs to address childhood hunger for children enrolled in Santa Fe Public Schools: Food4Kids provides child-friendly food for children whose parents are unable to provide meals at home; Lunch Box Express is a summer program that takes prepared meals into low-income communities; Square Meals provides prepared meals after school at five schools so the kids don’t go to bed hungry in the evenings or over weekends when school meals are unavailable. These programs allow children to focus on learning and reduce food anxiety.




Will expand their tutoring program for second and third-grade students who are identified as scoring below proficient levels in reading and writing. Currently only 26% of third graders in Santa Fe read at proficient levels, leading to one of the highest dropout rates in the country. The May Center is currently partnering with Communities in Schools at Aspen Community School and plans to add two more schools in the 2018-19 school year. They will be able to provide up to 900 hours of tutoring.




Circus Comes to School engages elementary students in Santa Fe Public Schools in circus arts and puppetry. The program reaches over 900 youth at 13 local schools with weekly classroom and after school sessions. Students learn stilting, acrobatics, object manipulation, juggling, unicycle, trapeze and aerial fabric. Expected outcomes are: Impart life skills and build self-determination; Encourage positive body image, physical literacy, strength and healthy risk-taking; Promote dialogue and teach problem solving and teamwork; Encourage youth voice and civic engagement.





Thursday July 4th, 2019

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